Fig. 16.1 — Light-driven lab-on-a-chip concept

Chapter 16 — Optofluidics and Lab on a Chip

Optofluidics is the integration of photonics with microfluidics. The goal is to con- struct and provide platforms that enable enhanced optical sensing and manipula- tion of different types of samples that are of interest to interdisciplinary science. The broader vision is the lab-on-a-chip concept shown in Fig. 16.1, i.e., the scaling down of an entire laboratory to fit on a chip with biological, chemical, physical and optical sensing capabilities. In this context, optical forces find their perfect place affording the possibility to trap, manipulate, sort and characterise samples without mechanical contact. In this Chapter, we discuss specific applications, such as optical sorting of particles and cells by size or refractive index using radiation pressure or optical potentials, the monolithic integration of fibres, cavities and waveguides for optomechanical probing, and the realisation of micromachines and microrobots.

16.1  Optical sorting

16.2  Monolithic integration

16.3  Photonic crystal cavities

16.4  Micromachines

16.5  Further reading


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