Code Examples

The code examples make use of OTS — the Optical Trapping Software.

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Chapter 2 — Ray Optics

Chapter 4 — Optical Beams and Focusing

Chapter 5 — Electromagnetic Theory

Chapter 6 — Computational Methods

Chapter 7 — Brownian Motion

Chapter 9 — Data Acquisition and Optical Tweezers Calibration*

Chapter 10 — Photonic Force Microscope

Chapter 11 — Wavefront Engineering and Holographic Optical Tweezers*

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    1. Hi. This sometimes happens because they are large files. I’ve sent you by email some dropbox links to download them.

  1. Hi, I cannot download the either. I think it is due to file size. Is there a solution?!

  2. Could you please give an example of how to model an arbitrary shaped particle for optical tweezing with a focused beam? I only could find examples with predefined 3D shapes that toolbox has, but I am wondering how I should model a different shape.

    1. If you want to do this within the geometrical optics package, you need to implement a new object extending “Particle” and implementing the abstract methods. In fact, the objects “ParticleSpherical”, “ParticleCylindrical” and “ParticleEllipsoidal” are examples of this process.

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