OTGO — Optical Tweezers in Geometrical Optics

The OTGO — Optical Tweezers in Geometrical Optics toolbox is an object-oriented software package implemented in MATLAB for the calculation of optical forces and torques in the geometrical optics regime. All its functionalities have now been merged into the more comprehensive OTS — the Optical Tweezers Software.

This page contains the supplementary materials related to the article where OTGO — Optical Tweezers in Geometrical Optics was originally published:

Agnese Callegari, Mite Mijalkov, A. Burak Gököz, and Giovanni Volpe, “Computational toolbox for optical tweezers in geometrical optics,” J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 32, B11-B19 (2015).

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5 thoughts on “OTGO — Optical Tweezers in Geometrical Optics”

  1. Hi,
    I just downloaded the software and I’m running the examples.
    Thank you for this great free resource.
    I am interested in shifting the input Gaussian beam away from the (x=0,y=0) point. For example I want the peak of the intensity in the point (x=-5e-3,y=0).
    I modified the constuctor BeamGauss and it seems to work properly, but when I call the method plot() it always plots the input beam centered in (x=0,y=0).
    I want to be sure that it is only a plotting issue. Will this affect also the force calculation?
    Hope to hear from you soon

    1. Hi,
      It should plot the input beam entered in (0,0) but with the intensity displaced.
      If you’d like me to double-check, please send me the plots.

  2. Hi, I just downloaded the software just after 1 year of my research in optical trapping.
    Thank you for this GREAT free resource.

    I want to know how to change the polarization direction of gaussian beam in efficiencesbeam.m ?? I would like to change from linear polarization to radial polarization.

    Best regards,
    Reza Aulia Rahman
    M.Eng. on Mechanical Engineering
    Osaka University

    1. Hi,
      in general, you need to change the Beam object.
      In order to obtain a cylindrical vectorial polarisation such as radial polarisation, you’ll need to define a new Beam specialised object.

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